Valley farm barn was a project we were subcontracted to do by one of Kent’s leading restoration companies.

The barn is an 18th-century barn that was situated just outside Tonbridge on a leased farm. Unfortunately, it had fallen into disrepair, and neither the tenant farmer or the owner were prepared to finance the restoration. So the barn was sold.

This barn restoration project involved us carefully stripping the timber frame. Then taking the timber frame apart piece by piece taking note as to what was missing, what need repairing and numbering them as we went. The barn was stored for 18 months before we could reassemble at its new location.

Before assembly, all the timbers were cleaned down with a draw knife to remove loose timber. The barn was modified to suit its new location and use as a garage.

We machined new sole plates all round as the original ones had rotted out badly these were morticed and tenoned on the corners and were joined lengthways with a splayed bridal joint.

Many of the jowel posts needed repairs, so new oak was scarfed in. As the new use of the barn required it being open, we had to fit a new top plate.

These new timbers were joined using half lap bridal joints and supported with curved knee braces.

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