Lime Mortar

Lime Mortar Rendering Kent

Lime Mortar Plaster and Render is common in period or listed properties. This traditional technique is ideal for older properties that often have no recognised foundations.

Buildings with no foundations are more susceptible to movement this makes modern plaster or render unsuitable for older buildings. Once dried, modern plaster becomes brittle meaning the buildings, natural movement leads to cracks in the plaster.

Lime Mortar Experts

Once applied lime mortar remains flexible, this enables the surface to stay pristine irrespective of the movement of the building as to a degree lime mortar stays in a constant state of flux.

Crudely speaking this means lime mortar self fills any new cracks. Our skilled plasterer is highly competent, having completed numerous Lime Mortar Plaster,  Render and repointing jobs across Kent and the South East.

Lime Mortar Plastering & Rendering kENT

Lime mortar will often represent part of a larger project such as a building restoration. However, we do offer lime mortar as a standalone service, which means irrespective of the size of your proposed works we will be happy to hear from you. 


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