Little Ringlestone


Initially, the property owners called us to assess subsidence, one end of the original building was falling away as was a later extension to the original building. The owners had no idea about the history of this charming period property other than the home had been in the current owner’s first wife’s family for over 100 years.

In this instance, our first port of call was to address the considerable subsidence issues; this was an essential step before we could get to work planning any form of renovation.

Non Invasive Solution

We sought to fix the subsidence issues in the most non-invasive way possible. Both the age and the unknown construction of the property made traditional underpinning non-viable.

After much consideration and research, we decided to instruct a reputable ground engineering company called Mainmark; they used a modern non-intrusive technique called TeretekĀ®. The process involves injecting a resin mix into the affected areas, which then expands raising and strengthening the ground in a controlled and environmentally sound manner.

The process worked incredibly well on the original building. Unfortunately, the level of subsidence in the existing extension meant the structure could not be saved.

Oak Framed Extension

Having saved the main building and after demolishing the old extension, we suggested a new Oak Framed extension featuring an integrated bathroom and utility room. We took great care to ensure the proposed structure reflected the existing property’s design.

Our team completed the groundwork and laid the new extension footings using concrete strip and flemish bond handmade stock bricks over a white cement and sharp sand mortar. We then constructed and erected the previously sandblasted Oak Frame on site.

Sourcing the right style of roof tile for this type of build is essential how a new structures tiles merge with an existing building is of the utmost importance using the closet match of tile ensures the new building looks natural and adds to the appeal of the home.

We opted to use new restoration tiles in a break from our traditional practice of sourcing reclamation tiles. Light is often high on our customer’s agenda. To provide adequate light, we installed conservation roof lights on the cut and pitch roof.

Direct Glazing

Fast becoming a regular feature of our renovation projects and a speciality of Unique Building solutions Direct Glazing again gives the construction a modern feel the glazing blends effortlessly with the frame.

A Step Back in Time

Until ten years ago, the property had no mains water; this would still be the case today if it were not for the fact that the original water source, a well, in the back garden had dried up!

The building had no central heating just an oil-fueled Rayburn heated cylinder in the loft full of rust, to such a point the customer was not using the hot water as it came out orange. After much thought, we came up with the idea of fitting a new dedicated thermal store cylinder to the Rayburn.

We created a frame for the new cylinder alongside the existing cylinder in the loft with no pressure in the system to speak of the thermal store developed its own current. This works by using the convection of the heat generated by the Rayburn. The current is sufficient to run a hot water supply and the new extensions underfloor heating system. We also used the system to power a new radiator in the customers’ main bedroom.

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