Over the last ten years, the unique building solutions team has completed various tasks at the Malt House in Egerton. Including an extensive renovation project which was quite an undertaking since the house had not been updated since just after the second world war.

The Malt House has now changed hands. The new owners have great ideas around modernising the house while preserving the homes historical routes. The images of this completed wall rebuild, door installation and lighting project are the first of what may be a series of changes.

Period houses by nature of their design rarely have the required ceiling space to install traditional pendants or downlighters. The customer’s architects solved this problem by suggesting we left a 25 ml gap at the top of the newly rebuilt wall, the purpose of which was to give an electrician enough space to install led strip lighting.

Wall Reconstruction

The wall itself is constructed using a traditional technique called mortice and tenon we used air-dried Oak sourced from a local sawmill the wood had been sitting around for several years. However, we used this to great advantage after sanding and preparation; the Oak took on a naturally aged effect, perfect for this project’s visible elements.

The walls internal panels are made from Oak laths upon which we have used traditional lime plaster.

Ancient Oak

The oak door you see in these images is 4 -500 years old. To complete this project, we moved the door from another area of the house. We created a new opening and frame for the door and coupled this with traditional wrought iron hinges; we also handcrafted an attractive Oak Latch, not dissimilar to a Suffolk latch but made entirely from timber.

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